Mittwoch, November 18, 2015

Property Investments in Berlin under 100.000 Euro, why and how.

Get my explanation that my clients typically pay for.
It is hard to find properties below 100.000 Euro nowadays,
especially when they should have those features:
1.) vacant
2.) lift/elevator
3.) central heating
4.) refurbished or new
and above all
5.) location, location, location.
Why those features are important, and the benefits of buying either a non attractive 'ugly' flat or a small one, I will explain in this video.
Why tenant turnover should matter for every investor and why student housing is so attractive.
I have a couple of offers in the range of 75.000-100.000 Euro for you in this video.
And I show you a brand new development close to the biggest university of Berlin, that offers yields of 4% and more, while the total costs (including side costs) is round about 75.000 Euro / 80.000 US$ / 511047 Chinese Yuan (as of Nov. 2015).
If you like what you see and would like to get invested in German real estate,
please contact us under

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