Freitag, Januar 17, 2014

Weebly is killing it (Website Management + Domain + Email)

Wow ! Weebly has partnered up with Google Apps to provide email for your own domain name. And setup couldn't be easier!

Website Management Tool + Domain + Email with your domain = Weebly
Its the minimum you should do, to have a professional website & email !

Managing your website, domain and email with weebly is really easy.
Make sure you buy your domains name with them.
No set-up, no hassle.
We do this with several domains in our company.
Really everybody can do it.
Now weebly partnered with Google, so you can now integrate an email service with your domains.
So if you are a new entrepreneuer and you ask yourself:
"How can I get a easy to manage website with email" is the answer.

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