Freitag, August 16, 2013

My findings how to create an PDF or ebook out of wordpress content

My idea was to create a PDF for my clients/readers to print and take it with them to read were ever.

I started with copy and past my blogposts into a google doc and junked the side content. 

 I discovered 3 things.

1. printing and reading the content on paper is different from reading it on the screen.
I found typos and other mistakes much easier.

2. I discovered that my "posts" have a strange chronology (because I wrote and posted what came into my mind). On paper I saw the mess, because my assumption was that it might feel like a book. I did not. I added a table of content, by formatting the headlines into "titles" in Google Docs. Its very easy. Then I put the post in the right order.

3. When I started to think about the right order I painted the process of my business case (I am writing about investing in real estate). And found out that I have tons of content gaps to fill. So I discovered new content ideas.

Maybe this works for you too. If you are at the start of your journey, drawing a process of what you want to write about could be a good start.

At the end one question, does anybody know of a good tool that does this automatically ? For example a wordpress plugin that creates an ebook or at least a word file out of the content?

I found
maybe there is even a way to automate it with

UPDATE: After a little research I bought Magpress today ($49), I will let you know my experience.

This seems to work for bloggers/blogspot blogs as well:
and this

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