Freitag, April 16, 2010

is there a real "how-to-make money online" system?

As you might know I am a real estate broker (generating most of my business out of Google), I love to work on the internet as I used to be a SEO consultant and affiliate consultant to a couple of companies, I still read about 30-60 minutes each day to get up-to-date with SEO practice. I would consider my self a semi-pro with about 7 years of experience.

Nevertheless 2 month ago I became a member of ShoeMoney System and I have to say I learn a lot, but its for absolute beginners AND professionals, because Jeremy covers the whole rnge of Online Markting. Maybe you are a AdWords Pro, but what about Facebook Marketing, what about Twitter Marketing?.

The video tutorials are hands one. If you really want to learn "how-to-make money online" I would defenitly spend the money. Note: I am not just an affiliate promoting this, I am paying member.

Check it out here:

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