Dienstag, Dezember 15, 2009

Affiliates geht Geld verloren, weil Kunden per Telefon bestellen

wie unser Affiliate auf Weltreise anschaulich berichtet geht uns Affiliates eine Menge Geld durch die Lappen, obwohl wir eine Leistung erbracht habe. Ein Kunde wird durch eine Link eines Affiliates auf eine Seite geleitet und dort vom Shopbetreiber aufgefordert anzurufen und schon fehlt die Ref-ID und der Affiliate sieht keine Provision. Die Lösung ist relativ einfach: Ein 100er oder gar 10.000er Rufnummernblock kostet z.b. bei Sipgate oder der Servicenummer der TC30 GmbH nicht die Welt. Also könnte man jedem der Affiliates oder zumindest der Top 100 :-) eine eigene Nummer zuordnen. Man will nur eben nicht.

Sonntag, Dezember 13, 2009

modern markter mindset definition

Seth's Blog: Shocking Tiger Woods video (exclusive): "The mindset of the modern marketer is, 'I can build a reputation in everything I do. If I teach people to trust me, then over time, I'll conserve their attention and build permission. That's priceless, particularly in a world that's getting more skeptical by the minute.'"

I 100% agree.

Donnerstag, Dezember 10, 2009

Landing Page in Wordpress

After building up traffic and Google Ranking for my Keywords, I would like to "hide" my content behind a landing page and just release my content and knowledge to people who are willing to "pay" with there email address.

I have learnd that building a list is the most powerfull marketing tool you can own as a small business owner. (besides traffic)

That is what I researched so far:

Landing Page Design / Squeeze Page Design
The Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

Landing Page in Wordpress "How-to"

Step 1
How to create a static "homepage" or squeeze page for wordpress

Step 2
How to get rid of all the sidebar blabla and have a slick nice and simple landingpage design in the style of your theme

Step 3
for the email form I am using Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress. Make sure you only ask for the email, if you need more info from your customer, ask them to fill out another form during the Opt-In process. Make it as simple as possibe to sign-up with you. Don't make your customer think. Just ask for the email period.

Do not use CAPTCHA
Some people are so affraid of SPAM that they eeven forget about their real customer
Make sure your captch is easy, or forget it in total, the top marketer never use it. If you want to learn more this post might get you an idea of the probelms and alternatives of captcha.

My sites are not perfect so:

is a site dedicaded to Real Estate Investors in Berlin.
is currently a weblog talking about Real Estate in Berlin in general. I want to change the idea behind the blog in the near future to attract more people who are eager to buy a private home/condo for her selfusage.

Any thoughts about the idea and my sites are wellcome.

backlink to this post, just copy the code:

<a href="http://www.korte.de/alexander/2009/12/landing-page-in-wordpress.html">How to builld a Landing Page in Wordpress</a>

Montag, Dezember 07, 2009