Dienstag, Oktober 30, 2007

Ourbania, for building driven people

there is a new network out there that you might be interested in:

ourbania just launched its services, its a social networks arround buildings.

Pretty much the same what we do here at our Flickr Group "berlin buildings"?

Nevertheless, I think its important to know that ist partially owned by EuroHyp, one of Germaies biggest bank when it comes to Real Estate financing. I am not sure if I wanna go with a bank, and may fuel their business with content generated by us users. I don't know what they have in mind, but maybe nothing bad, just wanna get even more business by building driven people like us. As far as I know they start at 5 mio Euros (just to let you know :-)).

I would be interested in you opinion, about the network, and the partial ownership of a bank.
P.S.: I am not associated with ourbania in any case

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