Montag, November 20, 2006

OM Stammtisch Berlin (Sa 25.11.2006) Location Guide

Ok über die Location lässt sich streiten, aber die Teilnehmerliste ist schon massiv.

Hier der Google Maps Location Link zum OM-Stammtisch am 25.11.2006 in Berlin.

Public Transport
Die S1 hält vor der Tür, Haltestelle Oraninburgerstraße (Oranienburgerstr. Ecke Tucholskystr.) [Übersichtskarte als PDF]

Die U6 hält Oranienburger Tor (Oranienburgerstr. Ecke Friedrichstraße) [Übersichtskarte als PDF]

Jetzt aber zu den weniger bekannten Dinge, nämlich das ordentliche Parken des Autos in der Gegend.
Die Parkraumbewirtschaftung läuft JEDEN TAG von 9:00 bis 24:00 Uhr.
Also Ticket ziehen, das Ordnungsamt läuft wirklich alle halbe Stunde durch.

Bewachtes Parking
a) Tucholskystr. Ecke Ziegelstr. etwa da wo die 23 auf diesem Plan steht.
b) Johnannisstr etwa da wo die Nr. 21 auf diesem Plan steht.
c) für die Jungs mit dem Hang zum Nervenkitzel kostenlos, Augustr. Ecke Tucholskystr, im Hof des Postfuhramts, etwa da wo die 8 auf diesem Plan steht. (Ist immer der gleiche Plan)

Letztere Parking Location ist für All die, die anschließend noch in einem der "angesagtesten" Clubs mit einer Mega-Location chillen/tanzen/drinken wollen.

Freitag, November 17, 2006

Trailerpark now Odeon Berlin at Torstrasse Corner Ackerstrasse

Werner, one out of three trailerpark guys, has moved to a more winter compatible location.
Find him now at Torstr. Corner Ackerstr. in a ex "Berliner Pils-Kneipe", which they comblitely renovated. Full of little details.

Or visit the very nice webiste of Odeon Berlin and make sure you checked out the piece of the week.

Good Luck Werner

Sonntag, November 12, 2006

Social Bookmark Link Creator

Social Bookmark Link Creator

I have seen another service at Steffens Blog

The explanation on the TwisterMC site is quite good:
Everyone's doing it; sharing their bookmarks with the world. Not only is it convent to have all your bookmarks available in one spot, but it also gives your site more exposure.

To help others easily social bookmark your page, I've put together a little code that will make it easy for you to add social bookmark links to your blog posts."

Samstag, November 11, 2006

Flickr Geotagging Addon Musthave

You just have to get this Bookmarklet to easy geotag your pics in flickr.
Awsome job, Thanks!

Easy integration of Social Bookmarking links on your blog

Instead of uisng several links like I do at the end of each post to enable people to send the permalink to their favourite social bookmark service you can now integrate one link that sends surfers to a site with "all" social bookmarksites. The service is called socializer. I find this site too crowded, but its impressive how much social bookmarking services are out there.

Freitag, November 10, 2006

Convert Blogposts into Pdfs and send them via Email

Now you can integrate a little script into your blog and people can generate a pdf of the post and send it to a emailadress on the fly.

Forget Ringtones

Let's say you are kid. You wanna impress your classmates, you need to have a cool ringtone. But don't you want to impress the people you are talking to on the phone even more? You got it. You just have to use RAZZ.

RAZZ is the best way to add audio to your personal websites, blogs and community profiles...and to spice up your mobile phone conversations. Mix your voice, music and our library of sound effects.

Advertising in Podcasts

Any experience with audioads someone? Very creative approach to bring advertising and therefore possible incomestream to podcasters. I just missed the opportunity to talk to Veit Spiegelberg on Berlin2.0.

marketplace for buying and selling links

I don't know if you have to meet the founders of LinkLift in person like I did on Berlin2.0 to get a free 50 Euro coupon trial offer, but I am sure they send you a code when you ask them to do.

Trading links is as old as the internet them self, but its time to open this market to the public and make prices transparent.

Make money with Blog Widgets?

Definition for widgets: Widgets are mini-applications that add fun and interactivity to your site to enhance your blog or web site visitor experience.

This is how it works: majikwidget

Mustread interview with Amanda Gongdon

Guy Kawasaki interviewing Amanda Congdon.

Mittwoch, November 08, 2006 :: open source social software :: open source social software blogging und content management software war gestern, jetzt ist die Integration aller Dienste an der Reihe: Widget Integration Management Software: WIMS

Montag, November 06, 2006

How to use two Google Gmail Accounts without driving crazy?

Google: "Ein Google-Konto ist der Schlüssel zur Google-Welt."

Alexander Korte:: "Zwei Google Konten sind der Schlüssel zum Wahnsinn."

Please Google tell me: "How can I handle two Google Account on one Browser or one PC?" Its a pain!

I love Google, Gmail and Google Calender, but it gets on my nervs that I am forced to login with my private Account just because I am trying to check my CORPORATE AdWords account.

Gals & Guys at Google I know you are smart, just give it a try, I am sure you will find a solution. You pretty much have to!

Sonntag, November 05, 2006

Berlin Rauchfrei: Barcomi's - Kaffeerösterei & Deli

Barcomi's - Kaffeerösterei & Deli in Berlin-Mitte und in Berlin-Kreuzberg, jetzt raufrei.

Der Hammer einer meiner Leibelingsläden ist wieder besuchbar ;-)

Speziell das Deli in Mitte war immer übel verqualmt.

Barcomi's Kaffeerösterei
Bergmannstraße 21
D-10961 Berlin
Mo. - Sa. 08.00 - 21.00 Uhr
So. & Feiertage 09.00 - 21.00 Uhr
Tel.: 030-694 81 38

Barcomi's Deli
In den Sophie-Gips-Höfen
Sophienstraße 21
D-10178 Berlin
Mo. - Sa. 09.00 - 22.00 Uhr
So. & Feiertage 10.00 - 22.00 Uhr
Tel.: 030-285 983 63