Dienstag, Mai 03, 2005

Microsoft on my phone, excuse me?

My girlfriend wanted a Nokia and not a flipphone.
I had some other stuff on my mind: I was on the search for a cellphone with very low radiation on Handywerte and found the Motorola MPX 200 along with the best price on idealo. (128 Euro)

As soon as I got the phone I was impressed.
It runs on Microsoft Smartphone 2002 and has everything you can expect from a Business Phone except Bluetooth. Who cares, everybody ever used a Bluethooth Headsets knows: Its a pain in the as. I own the Jabra BT-200 since 2 years and never got used to it. (But the Jabra service is superbe !!)

And the best is yet to come: Even idealo says it has no MP3 Player, it has one, it has Windows Media Player preinstalled and this software takes MP3 and WMA and a lot of other stuff. On Top of it the phone can handel Smartcards. I took the old 128 MB Card out of my Digicam and stuffed 2 CD on the little chip.

On the german Hellomoto Shop I orderd a stereo headset and a neck holder, both original Motorola items.

And what can I say, your girlfriend wants an expensive NOKIA?
Give her the Motorola MPX 200, tell her she doesn't need her ipod anymore and sell it on ebay. ;-)

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