Mittwoch, Januar 14, 2004

Back in Business

I'm back under the digital nomads, my laptop is up and running, btw. its an HP Omnibook 6000 its amazing how silent it is. With help of the manual and the recovery CD i refresh my whole system, aain with W98 (don't laught) this time I managed to hook up with my wlan network at home. Hopefully I will manage to set up the Printserver and connect it to the printer, a brand new hp 3330 mfx which is a faxmachine a laserprinter and a copymachine all in one. Know you know all my tech stuff at home, better I dont tell you I have an yet unprotected wlan. So what as long as people only use my DSl-line to connect to th net and not stelling my files everything is fine with me, thanks to a nice little flatrate I have since a year or so. Keep fresh.

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