Sonntag, April 13, 2003

Sorry for the past entries right know I am trying to collect everything about blogging: tools, software, communities, and so one. I Started to post, with the idea to come back and write a little piece about every entry, but while digging I went deeper and deeper, and found a lot of stuff. (BTW not every site I posted is still up and running)
So be kind and give me two more days, to finish the entries. The weather in Berlin was perfected offer the weekend, so I tried hard not to sit in front of my computer.
And succeeded, yesterday I went to test drive the new smart roadster, which is a fine piece of design (at least the roadster-coupe) but ended up to test drive the new Touareg SUV from Volkswagen, a 10 Cylinders Diesel Killer Tank, VW must be completely mad. Later one I worked one my 'handicap' (they don't let me one the golfcourse, I'm still one the driving range) that worked pretty fine, thanks to my friend Philip Kohlhoff. Actually we planed to play some Basketball, but while we arrived at the field we saw these freaks, you know what I mean, and decided to keep the basketball in the car. So we ended up playing some golf, which is even more embracing, but one looses against oneself, but not against a huge, good looking, muscle packed
dude. Making me a complete idiot. O.K. today I went out with the International Club of my Ex-university (Free University Berlin) 25 people from all over the world went to Potsdam, crowded because of the Tulipfest in the "Holländische Viertel", laterone we went to Sanssoussi and met some Turkish girls who where really nice. Two days in the sun, and my experiment "not to work one weekends anymore" was a full success.

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