Dienstag, April 15, 2003

My wireless dreams, blogging with my cam and cell
CamBlog (Camera Weblog) is a service that enables you to publish photos from your cell phone, HipTop, mobile device or any email address to your own "CamBlog"!After signing up for CamBlog, you'll receive a special email address to which you'll send your photos. Those photos will automatically be posted to your weblog in minutes. To take advantage of the CamBlog service you'll need a mobile device that allows you to take photos and send them to an internet email address. You can also post photos to your CamBlog from any regular email address. You'll also need to sign-up for a CamBlog account. And the best CamBlog now supports Blogger.com! If you already have a weblog using Blogger, you can sign up to have the photos taken with your mobile device posted directly to your Blogger-powered weblog. Their is no real logo yet........seems to be runned by real geeks

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